Training Process

All our trainers have been promoted through our business from builds technician, technical support, on-site engineers and trainers. Training is less disruptive and cancelled sessions reduced, as technical issues can be addressed straight away by trainers instead of being signposted.

The Remtek approach

Our dedicated trainers have extensive knowledge of a range of software and make informed, bespoke recommendations for every student dependant on their circumstances.

We’ve created a bespoke orientation process that supports DSA students in getting started with their equipment from the get-go:


Disability Awareness Course

All our employees are required complete a disability awareness course to ensure that they are comfortable supporting students with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities. DSA students need support that is accessible and free from stress. Our team members have the confidence and know-how to support all students in a positive way.

Step 1

Employee shadows Engineer

Before an Engineer can start their role we insist that they shadow at least 2 trained engineers over a 2-to-4-week period, taking note of the Remtek processes and procedures.

Step 2

Engineer shadows employee

The roles are then reversed, and new employees are shadowed by a minimum of 2 trained engineers for a period of 2 weeks. This enables engineers to support new employees in carrying out their role to the highest standard and allows for any arising issues to be addressed.

All engineers deliver an efficient service and all setups are followed by an introductory familiarisation session.

Step 3
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AT training

Remtek is pleased to offer AT training as well as equipment. All AT trainers are put through the same rigorous training process and all trainers have been field engineers previously.

Being able to offer the training alongside the equipment setup means that our holistic approach can be delivered to the student throughout their journey. An added benefit is that there is only one point of contact and therefore less confusion for the student.

If we aren’t chosen for both equipment and training, we partner with industry-leading service providers for delivery.

Discover how Remtek Systems conducts training sessions here.

Step 4
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The lightbulb moment

The ‘light bulb’ moment is what it is all about for us. It is the point at which it all comes together for a student and they are confidently engaging with their software and equipment.

Step 5

What can students expect from their first training session?

In collaboration with Software Trainer and Computer Engineer, Thomas Jackson we’re looking at ‘What students can expect from their first training session?’

“The first training session can vary if students have used the software before but typically, I would start by introducing myself and ask if they know about the software or have had a familiarisation session.

After that I would ask if they have any questions or if anything is bothering or worrying them. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when beginning, that’s why we’re here. We’re on hand to help with any concerns or questions.

Once we’re ready to start the session I ask the student which piece of software they would like to start with. After the descriptions, the student would usually know which one is most important for them.

Within the session we would try and get through as much of that chosen piece of software as possible. If we complete it then we can move onto another and if we run out of time, then we will carry on with that piece in the next session.